Puritan Foam Swab, Long Cylindrical Tip, 3 in., Nylon Shaft, 50/bag

Puritan Medical Products

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Puritan Long Cylindrical Tip Foam Swab

  • Foam tip swabs are made from medical grade polyurethane foam with 100 ppi (pores per square inch) - shred resistant to stand up to the toughest scrubbing. Soft, non-abrasive and lint free.
  • Foam swabs open-cell structure gives the best solvent holding capacity of any style of swab. These swabs are free of adhesives or binders that could contaminate your process.
  • Tip Size: 25.4mm (1") L x 4.064mm (0.16") D.
  • Overall Length: 82.804mm (3.26"), Glass filled nylon shaft for extra rigidity and strength.
  • 50 foam swabs to a bag.
  • Puritan Foam Swab # 1622-PF, Powell # 1884, VWR # 10812-042
  • Made in USA

Extra Information

Puritan Medical Products
Overall Length:
3 in.
Tip Material:
Shaft Material:
Country of Origin:
Tip Diameter:
0.160" (4.06 mm)