Puritan Standard Cotton Swab Bundle (300 Swabs)

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Puritan Standard Non-Sterile Cotton Swab Bundle (300 swabs)

Four Tip Sizes - Regular, Large, Extra-Large, Jumbo!

Crafted for use in controlled environments and industrial settings, these cotton swabs come in four tip sizes to serve a multitude of purposes. Each pack include 6" long swabs with standard size tip, large tip, extra-large tip, and jumbo tip cotton swabs (8" long). Non-sterile, these swabs are perfect for applications where sterilization is not required, but a clean, dependable tool is still vital. 

Whether you're cleaning sensitive equipment, applying adhesives, or doing precision cleaning, the Puritan Cotton Swab bundle provide a reliable and versatile solution to meet your needs. This bundle is a convenient and practical addition to your professional toolkit that will equip you with the right swab for a variety of tasks. Made in USA.

  • Multi-Purpose - High-quality cotton swabs in 4 tip sizes can be used in a variety of industries and applications. Ideal for wound care, applying topical dressings, cleaning instrumentation, removing excess from injection molding, applying solder paste, cleaning sensors and components, removing oil, pant, and dirt from machine parts, cosmetic applications, and more. Great for medical, industrial, and controlled environments.
  • Highly absorbent cotton swab - Made from USP (U.S.Pharma) grade cotton fiber to ensure consistency of the tip, Soft, non-abrasive, and seamless with no exposed edges.
  • 6" with wood handle - Naturally biodegradable wood handle is rigid for precision handling.
    • 8" with paper handle - Oversized Jumbo Tip swab is 8" long with paper handle for ample reach.
  • Great value - Get 300 swabs in 4 different tip sizes to solve your needs from cleaning to wound care to cosmetics.

Bundle includes the following swabs:

  • (100) Puritan #806-WC: Tip Size: Regular Tip 15.875 mm (.625") L x 4.775 mm (.188") Dia. (Q-Tip size). Overall Length: 152.4 mm (6").
  • (100) Puritan #806-WCL: Tip Size: Large 17.449 mm (.687") L x 5.943 mm (.234") Dia. Non-Sterile. Overall Length: 152.4 mm (6"). 
  • (50) Puritan #806-WCXL: Tip Size: Extra Large 17.449 mm (.687") L x 7.937 mm (.3125") Diameter. Overall Length: 6". 
  • (50) Puritan #808 COTTON: Extra absorbent oversized tip: 28.575mm (1.125") length, 12.7mm (0.5") diameter. Overall Length: 207.975mm (8.188").

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