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Puritan Double Pointed Tip Cleanroom Cotton Swab Bundle, Lint Free, Ideal for Precision Cleaning (150 Swabs)

Ideal Lint-Free Cotton Swabs for Critical Environments

Experience versatile cleaning with this 150-swab bundle, perfect for sensitive components and hard-to-reach areas. Cleanroom-safe, highly absorbent, and compatible with various solvents and solutions.

  • Multi-Purpose - Use high-quality cotton swabs that are low in NVR, highly absorbent, and ideal for cleaning sensitive components. Sharp double point precision tips make it easy to clean sensitive components and hard-to-reach areas.
  • Cleanroom Safe - Puritan low-lint cotton swabs have a low particulate count and are free from residue.
  • Highly Absorbent - Swabs are compatible with solvents and solutions such as isopropyl alcohol and acetone. The swab materials resist corrosion and are designed to stand up to the task at hand.
  • Great Value - Get 3 different swabs to solve all your cleaning needs. Highly functional for cleaning camera sensors, optical lens, printer cleaning, electronic cleaning, general arts and crafts, along with general purpose cleanroom cleaning. 

Bundle Includes 50 of each swab:

  • Puritan #870-PC-DBL: Tip Size: 8.509 mm (0.335") L x 2.2 mm (0.087") D. Overall length: 75.997 mm (2.992").
  • Puritan #871-PC-DBL: Tip Size:10.998mm (0.433") length, 3.0mm (0.118") depth. Overall length 78.994mm (3.11").
  • Puritan #872-PC-DBL: 10.998mm (0.433") L x 5.156mm (0.185") D. Overall length: 81mm (3.189")

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  • Posted by Aiden M. on Feb 16, 2024


    Excellent value!!

    Puritan cotton swabs are great quality, tightly wound so the tip can clean effectively. I like that I get different size swabs for one low price.

  • Posted by Daniel on Nov 30, 2023



    My goodness