AllSwabs B2B: Your Partner in Wholesale Swabs

At AllSwabs, we pride ourselves on being a reliable B2B partner, offering high-quality wholesale swabs to businesses across various industries. Our B2B program is designed to maximize efficiency and savings for our clients.

Key Benefits:

  • No Freight Costs: Eliminate shipping expenses with our free freight policy on large orders.
  • Kit & Ship: We can create custom swab kits tailored to your specifications, even complete SKUs ready for sale.
  • Vendor Consolidation Discount: Benefit from discounts by consolidating purchases of swabs, wipers, nitrile gloves, coveralls, and other essential supplies at wholesale prices.
  • Ongoing Cost Reduction: We continuously work to drive out additional costs from your procurement process, ensuring you receive the best value.

We excel with customers that take full advantage of consolidating their total expense through one vendor. Our ability to bring in and stock all of your pre-identifiable repeat spend items, combined with our dedication to efficiency, makes us the ideal partner for your business needs.

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